The DSD Natural Restoration Sydney course is ministered by Angelo Raphael (DSD KOL-Key Opinion Leader) , Sergio Saraiva (DSDKOL) , Carla de Castro ( DSD KOL) and Fadi Yassmin ( DSD KOL) and has live or online participations of some super special guests.

Its a super dynamic 3-day course with theoretical-practical-demo activities of the Aesthetic Digital Dentistry area. During course, there is always a live case, providing the demonstration of the complete digital workflow, going through all the clinical and laboratorial procedures (step-by-step of natural teeth digital copy at InLab and alternatives for chairside) , starting from image captures ( photos and videos), going

through the digital planning (DSD 2D and DSD 3D) till the final ceramics cementation. Participants that are already somehow a part of digital dentistry will get to see all alternatives of equipments and its configurations.


November 28 – 30


Sirona Education Centre


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